Parent Information

What happens next?

1. They will get an acknowledgement of their application either online or through the post. 

2. They will be invited to come to the college for an interview – this is usually within two months of when they have applied.

3. The interview will help us to make sure they are applying for the right course and we will offer them a place after explaining the grades they will need to achieve at school.

4. Over the summer we will stay in touch and our Student Advisers will be available to answer any questions you or they may have.

5. When they receive their GCSE results, we will be on hand to give any advice and we can help them if they did not get the grades they needed.

6. New students are sent an enrolment appointment (the end of August/beginning of September) and at enrolment they will meet their tutor, pick up their identity card and find out where to go on their first day.

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What happens at an interview?

All students who apply to the college will be interviewed.  You are welcome to come to the interview with them where they will talk through their course choices with a member of staff and get the chance to ask any questions. You can also find out about travel and finance.  Students will be asked to complete an initial assessment to make sure they study at the right level for them. At the end of the interview, they will be offered a place after explaining the grades they will need to achieve at school. 

Keeping you informed

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