This month our 5 of the best is celebrating a day that you probably won’t have heard of: Gingerbread House Day.

Traditionally observed each year on December 12th, this day is often over-looked and sits in the shadow of Christmas Jumper day which is 13th December. But this year, we thought we’d give it the love it deserves.

So why not order a round of gingerbread lattes, carry on reading, and then get ready to bake. (There is even a hashtag for you to share your creations: #GingerbreadHouseDay.)


1, The Origin

Root ginger was first cultivated in ancient China, where it was commonly used as a medical treatment. From there it spread to Europe via the Silk Road, and Henry VIII is said to have used a ginger concoction to help him avoid the plague.

Gingerbread first appeared in Europe in the 10th century, and Queen Elizabeth I is said to have started the trend of decorating gingerbread biscuits as we know them today.


But gingerbread houses didn’t become popular until the 16th century, when the Brothers Grimm wrote the story of Hansel and Gretel. Can you imagine what 12th December would be like if it wasn’t for that edible house?


2, The Recipe

Now we know why Gingerbread houses are so popular, it’s time to make your way to the kitchen and start baking your own. Gingerbread is essentially flour, sugar, and of course ginger. Mix well, roll out, cut, and bake.

gingerbread house

Ok, there is slightly more to it than that, so to get you started read the BBC Food recipe and method here:


3, The Kit

So once you’ve made your dough, you’ll need to cut some shapes. We’ve trawled the internet and high street to find you the best deal for a 3D Gingerbread House Baking Kit.

gingerbread kit

Aldi came out on top and for £3.49 you can get:

1 x Wall cutters

1 x Roof cutter

1 x Front & back cutter

3 x Chimney shapes cutter

1 x Door cutter

1 x Window cutter

1 x Christmas tree cutter

1 x Snowman cutter

1 x Gingerbread figure cutter


4, The Wonderful

Making gingerbread houses is serious business. Each year people spend weeks, if not months, decorating their houses. So to give you a little inspiration why not check out these wonderful creations:

red gingerbread house

santas gingerbread house

life size gingerbread house


5, The Biggest

…and once you get really good, you’ll be able to challenge for the Guinness World record.

The record for the biggest gingerbread houses has stood since 2013 when a group of Texans built a 22ft house using thousands of pounds of flour, sugar, and ginger. They used 23,000 pieces of candy to decorate it and it is packed with more than 36 million calories. People could actually visit and go inside. It was that big.

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