So this month’s Top 5 is slightly different to the others.

In the past we’ve told you about 5 films you should see this year, our 5 top tips for beating the heat wave, 5 tasty things to eat and drink at a BBQ, and some adrenaline-filled activities to try this summer.

But as GCSE results day approaches, we thought we’d try and take your mind off getting your results and help you to put things in perspective.

GCSE results day is a nerve-wracking time, but it will never be as bad as you think – and that’s what this month’s Top 5 is all about – always look on the bright side.

We’ve trawled through the history books to find 5 other things that happened on 23rd August.


In 79AD, during Feast Day of Vulcan (Roman God of Fire), Mount Vesuvius began to stir and would eventually go on to destroy Pompeii.

Perhaps not the most upbeat start to the Top 5, but the point is it could be worse. You’re only opening your GCSE results – you’re not about to be wiped out by a volcano.


In 1541, French explorer Jacques Cartier lands near Quebec City in his third voyage to Canada.

It took Jacques three attempts to find Quebec City. He was a determined explorer that never gave up and despite any setbacks he faced, he got back in his boat and eventually got to where he wanted to go. So whatever happens on results day, you should get back in your metaphorical boat and keep sailing.


In 1872, the first Japanese commercial ship, carrying tea, visits San Francisco.

Because tea makes everything better, right? If you’re disappointed on results day, then sit down with a cup of tea and chat to your family, your tutor, or give us a call. It can help to put things in perspective.


In 1938, England scored 903 runs against v Australia at the Oval in London. Len Hutton scored 364 of those.

The 903 runs scored that day remains the highest total in a single innings for England. Len Hutton’s 364 runs also remains the highest by an English player, in what was only his sixth match – something not even he would have expected to do before taking to the crease. So with a little perseverance, concentration, and confidence you may also be able to surprise yourself.


In 2017, the World's driest place, the Atacama Desert, Chile, blooms after unexpected rainfall.

If this isn’t inspirational then we don’t know what is. Even in the toughest conditions you will always be able to find a way.


So whatever happens on GCSE results day, just remember, it isn’t the end of the world, tea will make things better, just keep trying, and you will find your way.

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