The GCSE maths and English exams start next week, kicking off with maths on Thursday 24th May.

There will be three maths and two English exams over the course of the next two weeks, ending with the third maths paper on 12th June.

You will need to register at Station Plaza at 8:30am before each exam.

Make sure that you bring all the correct equipment, including a calculator for the two maths calculator papers.

The times and dates of the exams are below:


Maths paper 1 (calculator) - Thursday 24th May

English paper 1 – Tuesday 5th June

Maths paper 2 (non-calculator) – Thursday 7th June

English paper 2 – Friday 8th June

Maths paper 3 (calculator) – Tuesday 12th June


If you're felling a little stressed before the exam, then why not get a mini massage from our Massage Therapy students? They'll be available from 8am on the first floor to relieve any last minute stresses.


GOOD LUCK – you can do it!

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