A big thank you to Susan Chapman who has returned to the college this year to help the Level 3 year 2 students with one of their tasks for Unit 350 'Developing an entertainment programme for a cruise ship.' Students were able to confirm their understanding with an industry employee who is currently working for P&O Cruises. Susan has been working on the cruise ships for the past few years after leaving her overseas positions as a Resort Representative.

Kim Scott Tutor said 'It’s always a pleasure to welcome industry into the college and to come specifically to speak to current learners. I taught Susan back in 2001 and have had the pleasure to witness her career development from when she completed the level 2 travel course 13 years ago. Susan has been very successful in the industry and has been a children’s holiday rep, a streamline rep and a club rep, leading onto her career with the cruise ships as a shores excursion manager.'

Students said 'Without any doubt having Susan here today has really helped us with our assignment and given us lots of new ideas.'

Another said 'Susan has inspired me to think about a career on the seas.'

Kim concluded 'I showed Susan some of the current work that the students had completed and she commented that the standard was fit for industry.'

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